Our seekers are organizations and companies in all sectors who are seeking solutions for any technology-related challenge your organization is undergoing. This website functions as a link between these seekers and innovative thinkers from all around the world. Join our community, and launch your challenge; let our solvers give you the brilliant answers you need. 

How it Works?
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It all starts with you launching your challenge on this website. Write a detailed description of the problem and what you exactly need, set a deadline and an amount for the award, and launch the challenge.
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When solvers are done producing their solutions, the evaluation process begins. As a seeker, you will be required to review all the solutions and choose the ones that suit your organization best.
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Announce the winning solution and award the solver who introduced it to you.
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At this point, you have a creative solution to your challenge; you just need to apply it. We wish you luck on your journey.
1. Diverse and Unexpected Solutions: Open Innovation is known for being the best way to get completely unexpected solutions to your problems. A great diversity of participants who possess different minds, perspectives, experiences and creative abilities will never fail to surprise you.
2. Saving Time and Effort: Engaging a big number of innovators in solving a problem gets work done in less time, and with less effort than would usually be spent.
3. Higher Probabilities of Success: The more solutions you are offered, the more the percentage of success rises. You’ll have the chance to choose the option which guarantees your success most out of all the successful solutions submitted.
Why should I use iPark.Land to find solutions?

As you already know, iPark.Land uses open innovation to find solutions. By using open innovation not only are you given a variety of answers, but you also reduce some of the costs that might have been spent on research, trials, experiments, and errors. You are only paying for the right solution.  

Will there be any direct contact between me and the solvers?

Seeker’s identities are essentially kept confidential and are not revealed to any third parties unless requested otherwise by the seeker him/herself. All contact between seekers and solvers happens through iPark.Land’s team, who work as a link between both. This includes anything related to the problem, presented solution, and the interviews conducted to discuss solutions. It should be noted that challenges should be presented in a way that doesn’t reveal anything related to the identity of the seeker or his/her organization’s name. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you can just reset it following these steps:

1.    Go to the Change Password page.

2.    Enter the email address you used when registering as an iPark.Land Seeker.

3.    Click the Change Password button.

4.    You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

5.    Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password. 

Can I have more than one account on iPark.Land?

Yes, you can register for a new account using a new email and password. You can’t register for more than one account using the same email.