Our solvers are innovative thinkers that can provide the seekers with solutions to their challenges. They can be anyone from any age group, major, gender, etc. All of those standards don’t matter as long as they have the solution! Here we give everyone an opportunity, and we look for sparks of creativity and innovation in places rarely explored. 

How it Works?
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The first thing you have to do to become a solver is to make an account.
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Have a look at our Challenges Center and explore the challenges presented by Seekers.
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After choosing a challenge and thinking of a possible solution, try to deliver it in a clear and organized written form; then submit it for the evaluation. You will be interviewed and required to present your idea later, so prepare yourself for that as well.
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All you have to do now is wait for the results to come out. We hope you turn out to be a winner. Best of luck!
1. Igniting Your Creativity: Sometimes all you need to discover how limitless your creativity can be is a challenge. Believing that you can come up with a solution will set your creativity into motion.
2. Contributing to a Better Future: Innovators are the advocates for a better world. When you offer a solution, you are not only solving the problem at hand, but also contributing to technologies and ideas that will make solving future problems easier and making a positive impact on the world in general.
3. Earning Cash Awards: Aside from all the other benefits, sharing your ideas and solutions with us will benefit you financially. It’s worth the try!
How do I submit a solution?

1. To submit a solution, you first need to have a registered Solver account.

2. Sign into your account and go to the Challenges Center, and choose the challenge you want to submit a solution to.

3. Click the Join to add a solution button.

4. Fill in the application form. Include everything about your solution and be specific.

5. Your application will be reviewed by iPark.Land’s team, who will later contact you to schedule an interview in which you will further discuss your solution and its details.

6. After the interview, you only need to wait for an email that will inform you whether your solution was accepted or not.

Will Seekers know our identities?

Until a solution is chosen the identities of both solvers and seekers remain confidential. The seeker will know the solver’s identity only after he/she wins the challenge, and vice-versa.  

Can I view the solutions I submitted previously? Where do I find them?

Yes, all the solutions you submitted can be found on your dashboard. 

Can I have more than one account on iPark.Land?

Yes, you can register for a new account using a new email and password. You can’t register for more than one account using the same email.