About Us

Sometimes companies need other experts along with their own employees to help unravel their problems and challenges; that’s why many organizations have turned to crowdsourcing innovation, which is becoming more and more popular in our world today. People have discovered that collecting ideas from a wide range of experts and people from all around the world can give birth to unexpected and utterly brilliant solutions. We aspire to invest in these talents scattered around the globe by connecting them with organizations that need them via this website. We are proud to say that iPark.Land is the first crowdsourcing website ever to be launched in Palestine, where innovation is most needed. 

iPark.Jobs is a startup hiring platform aimed at connecting startups with job-seeking professionals (who would love to come work for them). This platform empowering start-ups who are interested to find the right human resources to achieve success and providing an opportunity for talented job seekers who are looking for new start-ups to solve new challenges. This platform is planned to be the largest Startup community in the region in addition to supporting iPark.Land.

We aspire to invest in these talents scattered around the globe by connecting them with organizations that need them via iPark.Land platform. iPark.Land is an innovative space that helps organizations solve their technology-related challenges by linking them to innovative solvers from all around the world. 

iPark.Sale is a platform aimed at building a marketplace for start-ups and freelancers digital products who are looking forward to accessing local and international markets through a unified platform. Finding a sustainable business model for any start-up can be challenging, therefore it is very important to empower them through the reduced cost of getting their products in front of potential customers. iPark.Sale will act also as a platform to support selling the innovative solutions that may result from iPark.Land.

Our Partners
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